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Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Finally Made it!!

I feel like we haven't attended meetings in our ward for forever! Last Sunday we had bad colds, and only attend sacrament meeting. The week before that we stayed home, because we all had the flu. The week before that Ryan and I were in Hayden, and attended church there. But our boys didn't go to church that week and then the two weeks before that we were sick!
So our little guys hadn't been the Primary or Nursery for 6 weeks in a row!
It was a bit of a struggle today. Canton didn't want me to leave him in Primary and was very sad. He clung to me and cried, and as three different sisters (the Sunbeam teacher, the Primary President and one of the counselors) wrestled him away from me I started to cry too.
"He'll be fine, and if he's not, I'll come get you." I was told. But it was upsetting to me to see him so upset about being separated from me.
Tate and Oran on the other hand were both excited to go to their classes. "My primary friends said they missed me," Tate happily announced after primary.

After we got home and I asked about primary Tate was excited to tell me all about it. Sister Evans, the Primary chorister, had an Easter basket filled with grass and plastic eggs containing a slip of paper with the title of a song. Tate got to go up and pick an egg - his egg had "Called to Serve" in it. One of his favorites. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Tate got to stay in the front and Sister Evans held his arm and helped him lead the music! It was fun to see Tate so happy about his day.
Then I turned to Canton. who was on the verge of tears after hearing Tate relay the day's events. "I raised my hand, but no one picked me!" "She didn't even see me." "I didn't get a turn." "I'm NEVER going to raise my hand EVER again!" He had such a sad face! And needed lots of hugs. What a rough day for Canton,


The White House said...

Maybe you can do something like that at home and make sure Canton is picked. That way he feels special and maybe he'll try again on Sunday. Sorry to hear he had a bad day. Tell him that Aunt Anna and Uncle Brady would have picked him. We love all of you. Hope it didn't snow and it starts warming up there.

Cardon Times said...

Poor Canton! It's hard being a kid some days.. I feel like we haven't all been to church together, and conference is next week, so it will be even longer....

Hillori said...

It seems like whenever Chrisitian has a good day at school or church, shton has a bad day, or vice versa. And they are always jealous of the otherone, thinking that they always have bad days, when they seem to forget that the day before, it was awesome. It is so hard to be a kid sometimes. I'm sure in primary they want him to feel included...maybe you could pass a thought on to his teacher or the music director to let them know how Canton is feeling so they can help him feel excited. it's hard to feel the spirit if you don't want to be there....and I'm sure that they can help him enjoy it if they give it some time. We had oodles of challenges with Primary and Christian, but it has slowly gotten better with alot of help from a loving primary presidency. oops! didn't mean for this post to be so long.

Shuman X Seven said...

I guess he got his bad day out of the way... poor fella. Colton once burst out in the middle of Primary(after the leader had praised Mckenzie), Mckenzie??? EVERYBODY LOVES MCKENZIE!!!! They all have their days... this too will pass.