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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just some disconnected thoughts

It has not been such a wonderful day so far.

I actually braved the sickies and went to church today (I stayed home last week) about every 20 minutes or so I'd feel light headed and nauseated so I'd just close my eyes and wait for a minute or two until the feeling passed. I didn't faint, I was afraid I was going to a couple times but I made it!

I had a hard time focusing on what was being said because I wasn't feeling well, but also because of some other things.

Because I've been sick I've spent a lot of time stuck at home, which means far too much time sitting in front of the computer. Yesterday I went on to an insurance forum and made a couple of post about Ryan's company. I really felt like what I was saying was beneficial to those asking the questions.
There was one man that was asking what they should do about car insurance when they had three cars, all fairly new, and had him, his wife and soon to be driving teenage son. I mentioned the CDRP, because I thought it would be an excellent fit for them in their family and in that situation. I was just trying to help. And out of no where this site moderator "Lori" started attacking me!
She was calling me things like dishonest, untrustworthy, a scam artist... Then she did some research (it's not hard to find a name like mine on the internet) and came back this morning with '...you're Ryan Green's wife... Ryan T. Green is a marketing director for this "company" IDA...' and she went on to say I was a horrible person for trying to trick people and steal their money.
She was not only attacking me publicly on the forum, but in Private Messages too - and went and found posts made by Ryan (because she's a site moderator she has access to full names and e-mail addresses) so she started calling him names - tearing him down and the company...
It was just such a mess all started by two little posts I'd made to different threads.

Ryan told me not to let it bother me and that it just one little forum... but it did bother me! I don't like people tearing appart my reputation and questioning my motives - especially someone I've never even met! I've never been able to handle the thought of someone not liking me: even though I continue to tell myself that not everyone likes me and that is ok.

So, if you saw me crying at church...

OTHER THAN THAT - Ryan's conference in coming up. This time the IDA leadership conference will be in Spokane, WA. I did not go in January with Ryan and he would really like me to come along this time. But we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to find someone to watch our kids for three days. It's a lot to ask - even I have a hard time doing it!
So if any of you can... let me know ;)
Ryan gets off work at 4:00 Thursday and doesn't have to be back at work until Tuesday so we had originally thought leave Thursday come back Monday. But in an attempt to make finding help easier we have sweetened the deal to drive all the way Friday - do the conference all day Saturday and then drive straight back on Sunday: quick trip.
We were also thinking that we could probably take Tate. He's pretty good if you give him things to draw with and some snacks, but the younger two. There's just no way that they could make it through 6 hours worth of meetings (even with the hour long lunch break in the middle ;)
We're still looking, and quickly running out of time and options.
So, please, feel free to volenteer ;)

Oh, and a little health update. Since the doctors haven't been able to find anything, we're going to pursue some more "natural" means and see if that helps. I have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow morning with Dr. Finn. So cross your fingers for me.

And that's all I have to say. Have a good Sunday everyone and HAPPY MARCH! Tate insisted I get rid of all the hearts :)


Anonymous said...

Don't let stupid forum people get on you. That was my "cyber stalking" problem - and my site meter is at the VERY bottom of my blog, sort of hidden. People on the internet might as well be imaginary and if they bother you, it's because they envy your life - and you have a very wonderful life! Get some rest! You can always "sleep" stupid people off!

The White House said...

It might sound silly but maybe you should try taking a yoga class. It would help you get exercise, get out of the house, and help you with some meditaion. Those things would all help relieve some stress. Whatever is making you feel yucky is probably being brought out by so much stress. So don't stress the dumb moderator, worry about things that really matter, like your kids! We love you and get feeling better soon.

Ravid said...

Stinkin' moderator. What makes people think they can be so rude! That's craziness! I'm sorry she was mean to you. Attacks like that are hard to take. And I'm with "The White House." Yoga is excellent. Love it, love it. At any rate, I hope SOMETHING works for you soon. Take care cutie. You're awesome!

Megan said...

I'm glad you are going to Dr. Finn, he is the best! I used to work for him a few years ago. I'm so glad you have a blog! Facebook is nice to find people but I want more! : ) and blogs are perfect for getting "more". Your boys are so cute. I love their names! I will probably end up with 7 boys like my husbands mother so I am watching you for tips! Try to let go of all that stress! You are a wonderful person! Just seeing a post or comment from you always makes me smile. I can't imagine anyone not liking you. Feel better and no worries!