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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tate says....

Tate and Canton have both been into "Knock, Knock" jokes lately. Some are funny and some... not so much. But this morning they were both eating breakfast and doing "Knock, Knock" jokes back and forth (even Oran kept saying "Knock - Knock!!") Tate must have gotten tired of that game though.
Canton Said "Knock, Knock"
Tate's response was, "So, come in ALREADY!!"
I thought it was kind of funny.

Monday, December 8, 2008

"...The Goose is Getting FAT!!"

We woke up this morning to falling snow and it FINALLY feels like December! All the holiday preparations have seemed a little odd without the usual snow flakes and slush, but now we're there so it's REALLY time to get down to business!
We have less money to spend on Christmas this year than we've EVER had in all our five years of marriage, so we're getting a little creative. I have decided to make EVERYONE'S gifts out of yarn! I have quite the collecting and I am quite proficient at both knitting and crochet. So we'll just have to see how creative I can be! PLUS I need to get crackin' only 17 days left to go, and these things take time! The clock is ticking!

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Gotta Dance"

Tate wanted to "Show off our dance moves" So, here goes.
Silly kids

Monday, December 1, 2008

Living with Superman

Canton is convinced that he IS Superman! He refuses to wear anything that is not red or blue. And insists on wearing a cape everywhere he goes! And, of course, if he's wearing a cape he has to run EVERYWHERE so it billows behind him. I'm tired of all the running and jumping but most of all I'm tired of him insisting that I refer to him as "Superman" if I call him "Canton" he either will simply ignore me, and not respond of he will yell, "No, I'M SUPERMAN!!!"

He's always claiming to hear people calling for help, at which he will drop whatever he's doing (reading a story, eating dinner, whatever) and run off to save someone who is in need of his assistance.
He jumps off of everything! It's not so bad in the house when it's couches and beds, the fall isn't too far and the carpet breaks his fall. But he leaps off with arms out stretched and often lands in a full out belly flop. Occasionally I'll hear him say "Ow!" to which I just shake my head and wonder why he doesn't learn!
It's when we're out of the house that I worry! He does the leap and belly flop out of the car sometimes on to our concrete driveway or on to asphalt parking lots. We were at Lowe's the other day when he heard a cry for help and lept out of the cart. Luckily I caught him before he landed on the hard floor. People must think we are very abusive parents if you look at all his scrapes and bruises!I took him to Fred Meyer the other day he was standing next to me and I turned to get the baby out of his car seat and Canton took off. Head bent one arm out in from of him as he full out ran from our car to the front doors of the store, all with cars going this way and that. I was not happy! And when i told him he couldn't do that he simply responded, "No, Mommy, I fly way fast, the cars can't hit me!!"
I'm tired of living with Superman! When will it end!?