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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Tate was excited about St. Patrick's day and wanted to make sure he wore green. He was very upset when I told him he couldn't wear the green shirt he'd picked because it was too small and I could see his tummy!
He threw a great big fit! I found him a shirt with green stripes and he cried and told me, "The kids at school don't think stripes are COOOOL!!!"
Oh my, if he's already so worried about his clothes and being cool, what's it going to be like when he's older?
So I was tired of arguing and said, "I don't feel very well, and don't really want to take you to school, so if you won't pick a different shirt I guess you can just stay home today." He growled at me, shouted "FINE" and marched off to his room.
We ended up compromising and he wore BOTH shirts - the small one as an undershirt and the one I picked on top. I was fine with that.He was much happier after school and was excited to tell me all about leprechauns, and their pots of gold. So we watched "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" Tate yelled at me for skipping over the part with the Banshee, "I like the scary parts!!" he said, but I know that it would have given Canton nightmares.

I had planned on a dinner of corned beef and cabbage with key lime pie for dessert - but it didn't happen: I'm still not feeling so awesome so Taco soup is as creative as I got (nothing green about that...)


Gavin said...

Callie won't fast-forward the Banshee. She likes Darby. We had corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, and pistachio pudding-filled cream puffs. Mom and Dad came over and watched Darby O'Gill with us. I went to bed at eight with the baby, just as the leprechauns put the com'ither on Katie. That's getting to be normal now that I have to be at work at stupid thirty, and particularly after having begun riding to work again.

Sally said...

The Cd is bought and on it's way. I was temped to buy Safety Kids but I think I will just have to wait. Thanks for the info. You are awesome!
I think Tate looks handsome in the strips.

Shuman X Seven said...

Of course the Green's celebrate St. Patty's day!! I think he looks handsome!