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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tate is growing up!

We are getting ready for kindergarten!

Indian Hills Elementary has a series of "Pre-Kindergarten" Nights. The first one was on February 26. It was the first of three. The hope is that through these nights parents will see what skills their children need to have before entering kindergarten and the children will become familiar with the school and the staff.
There are three different nights. This first one focused on math: numbers, counting, associating the written symbol with the amount it represents, things like that. Tate has understood all of that for quite some time, but still had fun seeing his "new school" meeting "new friends" and doing the math activities.

We still haven't decided if Indian Hills is where we want to send Tate, but time is ticking away and we'd better make a decision soon!

Here are some pictures from the special night:
Tate thought it was neat that it was just the two of us. It's not often that he doesn't have to share Mommy.

For all who may be interested in attending here is the information on the next one:

Pre-Kindergarten Night
Thursday, April 2nd

For parents and 4/5 year olds in the Indian Hills area who will be attending kindergarten in the fall of 2009.
Please join us for "name" activities and a free book.

For information and to RSVP, please call Indian Hills School @ 232-4086


Katie said...

If we decide to send Tyler to public school he'd be going to Indian Hills, too! Weird that we went there and now are kids might too, huh? We must live pretty close to each other!

Cathy said...

He's so cute! It's hard to believe one of your kids is almost old enough to go to school... :)

Gavin said...

wow, Indian Hills! How is that for nostalgia? It sounds like Tate really enjoyed a date with mommy. I bet all your boys would enjoy that, either with you or your other half. We have done that with great results, although with recent chaos, we have fallen off the wagon. I was just thinking, though about how good it was and how we need to get it going again.

Megan said...

That's so crazy that you live by Indian Hills again! My parents finally moved from there a few years ago and last time I was in town I was a little homesick for the house I grew up in. Also...I can't believe my baby is going to grown up and GO TO SCHOOL! What am I going to do? : ) It's fun to read your blog and see what's coming as Finn grows up!