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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Summer??

It doesn't feel much like summer, we haven't done anything fun!

I am now pregnant with our 4th little boy. Unfortunately this pregnancy is not going as well as we had hoped. (Does it ever?)

We'd hoped to take a few trips, but my body isn't cooperating. At Labor and Delivery they told me that I have an "irritable uterus," I don't think that's a very nice thing to say! My body decided it was done being pregnant, but the baby isn't done "baking" yet.

I've been taking a drug called Nifedipine, it relaxes your blood vessels and decreases your blood pressure. Since I already have low blood pressure it's made me very sick. I get nauseated, dizzy, and have bad headaches, it's no fun!

Even taking the yucky medicine, every 8 hours, I was still having contractions all day. I was told however, that since there were still no changes in my cervix that the medicine was doing it's job. So I was sick and I was in pain! For some reason enduring contractions that aren't actually doing anything seems even worse!

A little over a week ago I had a really bad day. My contractions got down to 3-5 minutes apart, they were longer and stronger and were getting difficult to cope with, not many breaks in between. Ryan took me in to the hospital.

We found out that I wasn't effaced or dilated, yet, BUT that my cervix was soft and "mushy" so it was "ripening" which is BAD at only 30 weeks. They upped my Nifedipine intake to every 6 hours and put me on strict bed rest. They want me to come in this week to determine whether or not it is necessary to do the IV treatments with the Antenatal steroids to mature the baby's lungs, just in case.

It was a week ago yesterday that we sent our kids away. That makes me sad, and I miss them. Canton spent Saturday through Wednesday night her in town with my Aunt and came by to see me nearly every day for about an hour, he gets homesick. Their family left on a trip on Thursday so Canton spend Wednesday night and Thursday morning with Ryan and I before Ryan drove him down to Preston to spend time with his brothers and my parents.

That's where the three of them are now. I don't know how long they will be gone or just how we plan to get them back. But it IS much easier to be on bed rest without them here.

BUT my boys have had a chance to get out and do some fun things, while with Grandma and Grandpa that they wouldn't have been able to if they had stayed here: like being in a parade and throwing candy, watching fireworks, playing with cousins, going hiking, and playing at the park.

So I guess it's all working out for the best.
I hope the rest of you are filling your summer days with fun and adventure, and not laying on the couch like me.