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Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 for Thursday: Round 4

It's Three for Thursday time AGAIN!! Oh My! Hosted again this week by Katy at The House of Estrogen It's been an exhausting week - here goes:

Three things I accomplished this week
1. I packed lots of boxes!
2. I took my kids to the park, more than once even.
3. I washed ALL of the laundry. All those sheets, blankets and towels that have been to the "I'll get around to it" pile are now clean and ready to be packed ;)

Three things I want to do this summer

1. Move to a new house
2. Go to my family reunion in July
3. Make some new friends, in my new neighborhood.

Three colors used at my wedding
1. Lavander (purple)
2. Sage (green)
3. White

Three things I find repulsive
1. Smoking (Cigarettes make me sick)
2. Spitting (especially little boys who spit on their brothers.)
3. Dirty dish rags! stinky, stinky!

Three things I like most about my body

1. I have super cute toes!
2. My eyes are a very pretty shade of green
3. Everything seems to work the way it should. Bodies are pretty amazing things.

Three chores I make my husband do

1. Car Maintenance
2. Lawn Care
3. Changing light bulbs

Three recipes
1. Alfredo sauce With an allergy to soy I cannot use most pre-made sauces, so I make my own.
2. Beef and Tomato Pie so simple and my kids love it. It's a great way to use up all of those fresh tomatoes in the summertime.
3. No Bake Cookies an old F.H.E. standby at our house, but always a crowd pleaser.

Three favorite flavors of ice cream

1. Mint Chocolate Chip
2. Carmel Pecan
3. Tin Roof Sundae

Three animals I'd like to have (maybe not all at the same time)

1. A nice cat
2. A friendly dog
3. Um, another baby?? (I don't like birds, fish, rodents, or reptiles.)

Three pictures

Since tomorrow is my Daddy's 60th birthday *gasp* and Sunday is Father's Day here is a picture of my Dad and I at the Red Canyon Overlook near Flaming Gorge in October of 2008 (it was cold and windy.)
Another great Father in my life: My Father-in-law raised a good bunch of boys, his 5 sons are all pretty neat. I'm glad that I got to marry one of them! This is Oran, David (my Father-in-law) and me on Father's Day in 2009.

The Daddy at our house is pretty awesome too. Here's Ryan and our four boys on Easter morning 2011.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Three for Thursday: Round 3

I know I'm a little late this week and it's more like a 'Five for Friday' kind of thing, but yesterday was kind of crazy! My husband had the day off so we spent the day packing boxes, running things to D.I. and grocery shopping.

So here it is, a little late, but just as fun! The Three for Thursday prompt this week comes from my good buddy Katy at thehouseofestrogen; Thanks Katy!!

Three favorite items of clothing:
This one is hard 'cause I pretty much hate all of my clothing at the moment. (I'm feeling in need of a shopping spree!) But here goes:
1. Down East Basics Tank Tops - high enough and long enough to fill any gaps.
2. My "size 8" jeans that are really more of a size 10, but that 8 on the tag helps me feel a little skinnier.
3. my long navy blue skirt - nursing friendly and I can wear it with just about any top.

Three things in my house that I wish were self-cleaning:
1. THE BATHROOM! With three little boys in the early years of toilet use and a fourth that will be there soon, a self-cleaning bathroom would be fabulous!
2. The toy room, that place is always a disaster - I wish we had one of those "Cat in the Hat" machines that pick up all of the things that are down and puts them away.
3. The kitchen floor - no matter how many times I sweep there always seems to be food on the floor!

Three favorite summertime lunches:
1. Pasta Salad! It's cool and fresh
2. BLTs - I love bacon and nothing beats fresh tomatoes out of the garden
3. Hotdogs roasted on the grill with Doritos on the side.

Three things my children say that they picked up from me:
1. "I'm Okay!" I used to ask "Are you okay?" every time it sounded like something "bad" happened, now they respond before I can even ask ;)
2. "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!" Alright, I did steal this from Mr. Rodgers, but it is said whenever the sun is shining through the windows in the morning.
3. "I'm gonna eat your squishies Mr. Chubby-Chunks!" when talking to the baby, of course.

Three good movie recommendations
1. "The City of Ember"
2. "Big Fish"
3. "Stardust"
(Only 3? Geeze, I could go on forever!! I love movies!)

Three inexpensive date night ideas
1. Redbox, air-popped popcorn and snuggling on the couch (It gets old, but hey, it's something.)
2. A stroll around the block under the stars, you can walk REALLY slow!
3. Who am I kidding? I never go on dates - You try getting a babysitter for four little boys!

Three favorite flowers:
1. Iris (they are so cool! Have you ever really looked at one?)
2. Daisy (they really are "The friendliest flower" - Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail")
3. Cala Lily

Three places I'd like to visit:

1. Florida: Disney World and Orlando Studios (I want to visit the Hogwarts Castle!)
2. Europe (I know this is pretty open ended, but I want to see it all!)
3. Brazil (My Daddy went on his mission their and in high school we had a foreign exchange student that I'd really like to visit. I miss you Zeila!)

Three good habits that I practice
1. I brush my teeth every morning and every night!
2. I wear deodorant everyday
3. We end every day with a family prayer

Three pictures:

I had lots of fun visiting with my Mother-in-law this evening. She came to town to visit her mother for her birthday and the boys and I went over to say hi. Here is a picture of my Mother and Father-in-law and their five sons.

OH NO! I'm being eaten by a dinosaur!! I guess I should have just let him have my golf ball if he wanted it so badly... (Playing miniature golf at Outer Limits Fun Zone.)

Zeila, my Brazilian sister, and Oran February of 2008, she came back to visit us, so it's only fair that I now go to Brazil and visit her, right??

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three for Thursday: Round 2

My second week doing Three for Thursday, thank you for the promp Evelyn at http://hangingbyasilverlining.blogspot.com/ I love playing along and hope to win one of her giveaways ;)

Three of my favorite Pandora.com stations
1. "Caranna's Radio" my first Pandora station, it's my own mix of the '80s, 90s, and now' and is the cure for any bad day. I just crank the tunes and before I know it I'm smiling and dancing. Ironically the first "seed" for this station was "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter.
2. Disney, great for singing along, cleaning the house and keeping kids happy.
3. Piano Music Radio, very relaxing, and there's nothing better to calm my crying baby.

Three lessons learned since I have graduated from high school
1. I should listen to my parents, they really are pretty smart.
2. I have my whole life to be married, college is for having fun.
3. I am cooler than I thought I was.

Three people I was remembering on Memorial Day
1. Grandma White
2. Grandpa Stavast
3. Auntie Judy

Three favorite YouTube videos
1. "To Do list" by Hilary Weeks I wish I were so productive!
2. Star Wars (Accapella tribute to John Williams) John Williams is the Man!!
3. Kid History So funny! Watch all 4 episodes!

Three bad habits
1. Staying up so late, there's really no reason to, and I know I'd be much happier if I would just go to bed!
2. getting absorbed by facebook - is it really important that I know what is "on the mind" of a person I haven't physically spoken to since high school??
3. Over reacting to my kids, um... bad choices. They are kids, they make mistakes, oh well.

Three foods I will NEVER put in my mouth
1. Liver (it's meant to filter out all the garbage, why would I want to eat it!?)
2. Beer
3. tripe

Three things that sounded like a good idea at the time
1. Buying a home - buying a "fixer upper" was not a good idea, I found out that my husband is NOT Mr. Fix-it!
2. Buying the smaller size, because I could put it on.
3. Eating that *whatever* off the restaurant menu. (when will you learn that eating out makes you sick!! Food allergies are the pits!)

Three plans for Father’s Day 2011

1. Go to Church
2. Bake some Rolls
3. Call my Daddy

Three things that make me a “mean mom” (aka a GOOD mom)
1. Insisting they help me clean the house EVERYDAY ("But it's not even Saturday!")
2. Have them take care of their own things - I am not the keeper of shoes, jackets and backpacks!
3. Sticking to a schedule: ie. work, play, meals, bed.

Three pictures

My baby is crawling all over the place now. It's amazing how quick he's picked it up.

My handsome boys and I on Easter morning 2011

Since we're talking about Father's Day here is a picture of my silly Daddy.