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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I's SO excited!! Today at church I counted SIX new families!! SIX! All at once! They're all younger families who came here to attend ISU, but our ward is finally gaining members instead of loosing them!
About a year and a half ago our stake realigned all the boundaries for the wards and actually created two new wards. Leaving the bare minimum of required members within each of the ward boundaries. The church requires so many elders, high priests, young men, young women, primary aged children, etc. and we had just enough to make a ward. (including all of those who were inactive, which IS a lot!) Shortly after than everyone started moving! We had 3 or 4 families moving every weekend for about 4 months, and we weren't getting any new people! It was kind of scary! Sundays have been pretty sparse, and it's been almost impossible to fill all of the callings.
SO that is why today was SO exciting for me!
Plus all of the new sisters are about my age and in similar situations. So that's a great opportunity for new friends! What fun!!


The Wageman Clan said...

Yay!! That makes me so happy. I miss the 1st/City Creek ward. I'm so glad things are looking up!

Sally said...

Oh my goodness! That is so great! I miss the old ward family jsut like Carrie.