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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy, Busy

I'm so excited about our latest Relief Society project! Tuesday night we had a humanitarian night. It was SO well attended! FOURTEEN people! I hardly knew what to do!
The humanitarian center in Salt Lake gave us materials to put quilts together. We were able to tie two quilts on Tuesday and have more to do next month!
I was so very happy to see so many people there, it's probably the best turn out we've had for ANY activity in the two years I've been on the enrichment board.
We even had two sisters come that are new in the ward. They heard the announcement from the pulpit on Sunday and came. I was impressed because we didn't even have Relief Society last Sunday because of the Twin Falls Temple dedication. BUT I'm feeling VERY encouraged. Two successful activities in a row! Somebody pinch me!

Ryan has been SO busy building his business with IDA, we don't mind so much. It is hard to have him on the phone whenever he's home, but I am glad that he's being so successful! We're excited about the prospect of being debt free and having our Daddy home more often!
There is a launch party planned for October 11, 2008 at the Embassy Suite Hotel in Portland, Oregon. We are trying to make arrangements so we can be there for the big event! It's just all so exciting!!
If you want to hear more about what he's doing, listen to the conference calls, or learn about how the company is evolving the web site is http://www.idaleader.com/ or http://www.idaleaders.net

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