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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IDA and other business

For those of you who don't know, Ryan is in on the ground floor of a new network marketing company. He's been very successful and his team has been growing my leaps and bounds! The other founders are all a little older and not as "internet savvy" as my extra technologically advanced husband, so he has been leading their crusade across the vastness of cyberspace. He gets phone calls several times a day and frequently leaves his family to take the plethora of calls to talk about the business. So much that Tate and Canton have started saying things like "...please help Daddy not to be on the phone all day..." in their prayers.
We have an old phone that no longer works and added to our toy box yesterday. This morning I over heard Tate talking on the phone, and couldn't help but giggle. His conversation went like this: "Hello? ... Ryan Thomas Green is my father... No, I'm sorry, he isn't available ... are you calling about IDA? ... Yes ... would you like to know more? ... If you have an accident we'll give you some money... Thank You ... Good Bye."
That was that, IDA from the perspective of a four year old.
Here's Ryan's site: http://www.idaleader.com/

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