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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


From the opening ceremonies on, we at the Green House just can't get enough! I love the Olympics and I seem to have successfully passed the Olympic bug on to my children.
I love to watch all the different countries, see the expressions on their faces and realize what this chance, this oppurtunity to perform on a world stage means to them and their families. I'm a big USA fan and I'm always rooting on "our team" but I like to cheer on the under dog as well.
I love the back ground stories and spotlights provided on different athletes, especially ones from other countries, who often have faced more challenges and adversity in their road to Beijing than most of the Americans. We really are so blessed in our country to have all the things that we have, and a lot of the time I think we don't realize how awesome our country is!
My kids love to watch all of the different events, Canton' s is by far the gymnastics, he is so very good at jumping, climbing and tumbling. He tried doing all of the things we saw on TV. Tate, on the other hand is more into the swimming. He thinks that's pretty cool. Yesterday we were watching the men's water polo. Canton got a basket ball and started waving it around; he threw it to Tate who didn't catch it so well and got a bloody nose and a split lip. We turned the Olympics off for a while after that. (We needed to calm things down a bit!)
BUT our nominations for best moments: definitely the men's swimming 4X100m final. Talk about AWESOME! I also thought it was great to see the men's gymnastics team so excited about a bronze metal. AND the women's volleyball team's first match against Japan, that was just so fun to watch!

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