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Monday, August 18, 2008

The last little while...

It's been a few days since I've said anything!
Friday night we drove down to Preston. I was so excited that I danced around and did cart wheels in my parents yard. My kids laughed at me and kept exclaiming "Mommy's So Happy!" and I was! It was great fun to be "Home." This has been my first trip to Preston since June, and it was just nice to be there.
Last week was fair week for Franklin County so my parents were at the "Diamond Rio" concert when we arrived. But we didn't mind, we made ourselves at home and put our kids to bed, all before their return.
On Saturday we went to the Franklin County Fair. We saw all the quilts and afghans, tomatoes, pumpkins and carved zucchini. We even caught part of the "Beautiful Baby Contest" and some barrel racing and we saw some old friends. Tate said the horses were his favorite part and Canton liked the chickens best.
Sunday was pretty crazy in our ward. I was asked to substitute by four different primary teachers. So I was pretty worried. There was a substitute in every class and it was utter chaos. It also happened to be a week when the Stake Primary Presidency chose to visit! It was a pretty rough day in Primary.
Today, we've just been watching some more Olympics and trying to keep the house clean.
Canton's birthday is on Thursday, he'll be three, I'm trying to decide what we should do for a party. He seems to have his heart set on a "Shrek Party" I have no idea why, he's only seen the movie once or twice, but ever since Tate had his Spiderman Party in May Canton has been asking for a "Shrek Party" with a "Shrek Cake." We'll have to see.

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Sara said...

I think that monster toast is just about the cutest thing! How creative!! I would have eaten it too :)