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Monday, January 26, 2009

Phone Photos and Fun Memories

So, here's the story - Ryan finally unloaded all of the photos from his phone. There were pictures on there clear back from when we had our baby, now 20 months old. I hadn't seen a lot of these pictures: 'cause they were on Ryan's phone. But I've had lots of fun looking at them today and wanted to share them; along with my memories over the last year or so.
We typically have a camera with us, and take a lot of photos, these were pictures taken on occasions when we didn't have a camera with us. Not as high of quality, but still lots of fun memories! (Some of which I had forgotten until today ;)

September 2008 - for Family Home Evening we took a trip up Scout Mountain and had a fun little cookout. It really was pretty chili, but Tate didn't like the jacket I packed for him, so he wouldn't put it on. Eventually he went to the car and got it.

Eating Tiger Ears at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot. Mmm Mmm

We went to the park nearly every day this last summer. My kids had fun getting out and playing on the toys and it was a good chance for me to get some fresh air and visit with other Mommies. School District #25 has a summer lunch program where they serve free lunches to kids ages 1 -19. It's a neat program. They serve lunch at a bunch of parks in Pocatello (6-8 I think) we usually went to Raymond Park.

July 24, Pioneer day. We had a fun primary activity - and got to dress up like pioneers. Oran got worn out and fell asleep - we found another use for the skirt ;)

Space Chimps

For our anniversary, July 12, Ryan and I took a weekend trip to Idaho Falls while the boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa in Preston. We forgot our camera, but did lots of fun things! We saw 2 Movies; "Hancock" (don't waste your money) and "WALL.E" (Gotta Love it).
We also went to the 35th Anniversary Performance of "Saturday's Warrior" went to the Museum of Idaho and saw the Ancient Egypt Exhibit - WHICH WAS SUPER COOL!! We visited a few art galleries, went to the farmers market, did a little shopping - and did some sealings in the Idaho Falls Temple (definitely the high light of our trip) to commemorate our own sealing, then we ate in the temple cafeteria.

The view of the Idaho Falls Temple from our hotel- Shilo Inns. On our last morning we ate our complimentary breakfast and went for a little walk along the river before check out time.

Before we headed home we attended church in the Idaho Falls 4th ward. They meet in the chapel next to the temple. We had an hour between check out time and the start of the meeting so we walked around the temple grounds.

Both Ryan and I at the Idaho Falls temple.

July 4, 2008 - watching the parade with Brady and Anna and their boys. Brady used to live about a mile from us, and we arranged to meet them along the parade route. We miss them now that they're living in St. George.

Ryan and I needed to get away, and we needed a cheap date, so my awesome cousins, Wes and Kyle, came to watch our kids so we could leave. We went for a ride and watched the sun set from Scout Mountain.

Say "Cheese"

The View of Pocatello from Scout Mountain.

This year marked 10 years since my parents bought KACH radio in Preston, ID. They hosted a community party at Riverdale Resort to celebrate their anniversary.

The boys and I. We finished our sloppy joe's and are ready to go swimming!!

This one makes me laugh! After the swimming; Tate, Canton and my cousin Matt all sharing a slurpy.

After Gavin and Callie blessed their Baby, Arvil, we had a nice lunch at their house. It was such a nice day that many of us chose to eat out side.
I chose to stretch out on the blanky after we ate.

Oran laid down with me, but he kept eating!

Oran's 1st birthday April 23, 2008 - We ate dinner at Butter Burr's in Pocatello.

I love Butter Burr's - with my food allergy they are one of three restaurants I can eat at and not get sick!! Yea for restaurants that make all their food from scratch!!

Canton had been having an extra hard time being good. He seemed to be acting out a lot and we thought maybe he just needed some extra attention so Ryan took him to The Fun Zone for some one on one time with Daddy.

Does he look like he's having fun?

Ah, wasn't that fun!? I love looking at old pictures and remembering!


Shelley Brown said...

OH How I miss Butter Burs. Every time we pass though I insist that we eat there!!!

Sara said...

We miss Butter Burs too- Nate loves their Cheese Frenchies...yum! How fun to go back through old photos and memories!

Anonymous said...

That was a LOT of pictures! I loved them all. So what are the other two restaurants you can eat at????? I'm dying to know!

The White House said...

It is always nice to look back at pictures and remember all the times you have survived. It helps me to remeber too how cute my kids are on days that they are just not quit as cute. You have some cute kids Caranna.
We miss you guys, the weather here has been pretty good to go on walks.

The Wageman Clan said...

Those were fun to look at. Sorry about your little nephew. I hope everything works out well. Hope all is well!