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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good day

Most Sundays I feel so rushed! Especially since we are now on the 9:00 schedule for church. I'm rushing to get everyone fed, bathed, dressed, and out the door in time to make it to church soon enough to get everyone to their classes before they start!

I have a hard time feeling very spiritual, or ready for church when I feel like I've been rushing for 2 hours and still left the house before I was ready.

For some reason I always wait until last to get myself ready, and then it doesn't always happen. Last week I didn't get a shower, the week before I went with wet hair. Many weeks I don't curl my hair or get makeup on, some weeks I have to go in glasses, occasionally I forget to brush my teeth, or I simply couldn't find clean clothes I was happy with. I typically get to church in a foul mood, for whatever reason and have forgotten something: diapers, snacks, scriptures...
But today, I was actually in a good mood! And it was such a nice change!

I knew that we had to leave early so last night I prepared our diaper/church bag. I found and set out clothes for all of us and I bathed the boys before sending them to bed.

This morning things went so smoothly! Ryan got the boys breakfast and I showered, Ryan took a shower while I was dressing the boys. I got to do my hair, put in contacts, and fix my face! For the first time in YEARS I actually felt pretty at church!

Ryan helped take the boys to their classes and I was there early enough to fulfill my calling, and make announcements about our upcoming Home, Family and Personal enrichment meeting.
Ryan had to be to work at 9:30 so he left soon after our arrival at church, but I felt so peaceful and was actually open to hearing and receiving the messages presented.

Relief Society ended early so I was able to visit quietly with a few of the sisters in the ward before Sunday School started.

Ryan took his lunch break to help during sacrament meeting. The boys were all relatively good, and I only spent the last 5 minutes in the foyer.

I know it might seem like a small accomplishment, but overall it was a sensational day!


egebs said...

Good for you. Hopefully you will have many more sundays like this.

Alayna said...

Good job! I'm glad you had such a good day!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. First to get up, last to get ready - if you're lucky! Today was really great for me, too. Maybe Heavenly Father gave us mommas a break today!

Ravid said...

We're doing 1:00 church right now, so there was lots of time today. But it is all about doing as much as possible the night before isn't it? Good job! It's great when Sundays end up being spiritually nourishing the way they're supposed to do.

Joe and Ellen said...

Don't you remember the primary song... something like Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for sunday?! I feel for ya though. We just had the 9:00. I hope you can continue to do this rutine. Seems to be workin for ya.

Sara said...

Wow- I can't believe you can get anything done before 9 in the first place. I just have the one kiddo and 9 was a hassle for me. I'm glad you had a good day!