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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm tired of docotors

Yesterday was an extra rough day for me. We had an ultrasound appointment at 8:30 in the morning. We took the boys to visit Laura, she lives two blocks away and was nice enough to offer to help us out - then we went up the hill to Portneuf Imaging - they did an ultrasound of the Right Upper quadrant - which included liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and kidney - I was already hurting and it didn't help to have the ultrasound tech. jabbing and digging to get all the pictures she wanted (although she was very nice to us) So, I hurt a lot yesterday! I took two naps! One from 10-11:30 and the other from 2 - 4, my afternoon nap seemed to get rid of my headache, which was nice.

Our boys had fun playing with Boyd and Blyth (Laura's kids) and they made Valentines for Ryan and I. Which I thought was sweet.

I have felt so yucko for lazing around for so long, so the other day I decided I was going to exercise. I started just walking around my house, then I started jogging. When that got boring I started to dance. I did a little Cha-Cha, then some Salsa, Swing, Lindy, and Jive. I had fun, but soon felt dizzy and was loosing my balance so I stopped dancing and started walking again. It was probably only 20 - 25 minutes of light aerobic work: nothing like I have been used to doing. And for the rest of the day I had terrible chest pains, I could hardly breathe, and I was very dizzy and light headed. So I sat on the couch, unable to move much for the rest of the evening, Ryan told me I was dumb for trying to exercise - and I guess I agree, if it causes such reactions.
So, I have gone back to taking in easy and have decided to slowly add more movement. Yesterday the boys and I went for a walk, I was feeling a little stir crazy, and the kids don't like to be pent up so much. Ryan glared at me and gave me disapproving looks but I assured him I wouldn't do anything strenuous and took my cell phone just so he'd feel better.
The whole thing makes me rather grumpy! This has really hampered my fitness goals!

On our walk yesterday afternoon the boys were mad at me for not letting them play at the park that was still mostly covered in snow, and the other parts were wet and muddy.
The rest of the way home Tate was talking about making a playground at our house with sand, and green grass - that was WARM!
His little inventor brain went to work trying to decide how to make that happen... "We could put a heater outside... but out side is too big...Maybe if we built a wall...but it would need lots of windows so the sun would shine and make the grass grow..." By the time we got home our fingers, ears and noses were rosy and Tate had formulated a plan.
When I made him come inside rather than start building he cried, "Mom, I'm so sad, because you won't let me build my playground! You never be nice to me!!!"
I tried telling Tate that he needed blue prints, supplies, a permit, and that Dad needed to be home to help him. But he continued to gripe and complain until dinner time. I guess feeding him made him forget about his project idea.
Today he has decided that he wants to build a robot to be a babysitter so Daddy and I can go on a date. I don't know if that one's going to work out either ;)

I got a call from Dr. Clifford's office this morning: the ultrasound didn't show anything abnormal. So all my suffering was for nothing ;P


Ravid said...

So are there going to be more ultrasounds since they didn't find anything? Rough. I'm so sorry that things haven't gotten better yet and that they still don't know how to help you. What a bum deal! Just relax the best you can. Take care.

Sara said...

Oh, it is so frustrating to know something is wrong and not know what it is! With my gallbladder issues I didn't know what to think- I was thinking I hope they find out what it is....but then again, if they find it they'll have to fix it. Such a dumb situation! I hope you start feeling better.

The Wageman Clan said...

Shucks! I was talking to some people last night and they were talking about gall bladder problems and I thought some of their symptoms seemed similar to yours, but I guess not. I really hope everything gets better. It is probably very frustrating.

Caranna said...

The ultrasound would have shown gallstones, but there is a chance that I have gallbladder disease without stones; another test is used to determine that.

Alayna said...

So sorry that you are still feeling so icky! Try to take it easy!
You have an awesome kid - someday he will invent something fantastic and give you millions of dollars :)

Gavin said...

I am tired of doctors for you. They make up a lot of stuff and will give you drugs to make you feel better even though they don't know what is wrong. After they have sent you away because nothing is wrong with you, try some complementary/alternative treatments, like a chiropractor or an accupuncturist.