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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Temple Open House

I was just on lds.org and found out that there is a Temple Open House starting tomorrow!!

It's so exciting that so many temple are being built and that there have been so many open houses and dedications in the last few years. We had had plans to attend both the Rexburg Temple Open House and the Twin Falls Temple Open House but didn't actually make it to either. So I would REALLY like to go this time.

Many of my friends with children the same ages as ours have gone and told us how much their kids enjoyed it and how very neat they thought it was. I had been worried about how my children would behave, but I think it would be a neat thing for them.

It's always great when you can attend a temple open house, especially for children and others that wouldn't normally be able to see the inside of a temple. When I was younger I was able to go to the open houses for the Bountiful, UT temple, the Mount Timpangous, UT temple and the Billings, MT temple, those were all wonderful experiences that I still cherish.

For all who, like me, would like to participate. Here is the information:

The open house starts tomorrow, Monday, June 1, and goes through Saturday, August 1, 2009, except for Sundays and July 4 (Saturday) and July 24 (Friday).

You can get tickets or make reservations by contacting the reservation call center at 1-800-521-5105, 801-240-7645, or online at www.lds.org/reservations.

Here are some pictures of the construction, just for fun:

And if you're not sure where it is, here is the location and directions information:

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Rachel said...

Endrit and I are taking his parents to the open house this Saturday. I am very excited to see it. You always see more than if you just went through a session after it is dedicated. It is very similar in construction to Rexburg.