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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day at Church

Canton gave a talk today in Primary. I helped, of course. He spoke about Heleman's 2000 stripling warriors and about how their Mom's taught them to have faith and to trust in God. He was super cute. We'd practiced at home, but he didn't want much help, so he kept improvising. "And they were really strong, and they had swords, and they killed the bad guys...." eventually we got back to 'because of their faith none of them died,' and that our Mommy's teach us and want us to be good. So, we should be good "so our Mommies are happy and sing songs and don't spank our bums."
I decided that it was good that not everyone in the room could understand everything he was saying. Sunbeams are great!

The Primary put together these really cute books for the Moms. They asked all of the kids a set of questions, wrote down their answers and gave them to us today. Some of their answers were pretty funny, here are some of my favorites:

What is your Mom's favorite thing to eat?
Canton - Macaroni and cheese
Tate - Cereal

How old is your Mom?
Canton - her birthday's tomorrow
Tate - 25, 8-5 months ago
(I am 25 years and 7 months, I thought that was way funny.)

If your Mom could go on vacation anywhere where would she go?
Canton - to the park
Tate - Camping
Michael - on a trip
Briana - to K-mart
(I thought those answers were cute too so I threw them in)

What is you Mom's favorite book?
Canton - "My Friend Rabbit" (more like HIS favorite book!)
Tate - the scriptures
Angie - she doesn't have any books

What's your Mom's favorite TV show?
Canton - Veggie Tales
Tate - the news

What does your Mom like to do to relax?
Canton - lay down
Tate - take walks
Anna - do the dishes (that's relaxing!?)
Cody - talk with Daddy

My mom looks pretty when....
Canton - Mommy looks pretty all night and all day
Tate - she goes to church
Alex - she sleeps (AWE...)

I love my Mom because....
Canton - 'cuz I love her
Jordyn - because I love my sister, and my mom's being pregnant again
Kaylee - cuz' she's sweet
Paige - she is good at telling me what to do
Molly - she gets me my food
Tate - she gives me hugs
Parker - cuz' she do that for me (TOO CUTE!)
Aftyn - she plays with me
Cody - she's pretty nice
Briana - she's special to me (I LOVE IT!)
Dallas - Love?
Daytona - she is FULLY AWESOME

Ok, I got a little carried away, but I thought it was just SO cute!

In sacrament meeting the primary children got up and sang "I Often go Walking" and "Mother, I love You" it seemed like Canton had a solo as he smiled, pointed to me and proudly belted the first "Mother, I love you" all by himself.
I asked about it when we got home and Tate said that they were supposed to sing it that way, just the sunbeams first for "Mother, I love you..." then the CTRs came in on "...mother I do..." each line gaining a new row of kids (then it made sinse!) But this is how he told me:

"... first the Sunbeams, then the CTRs, and then the Violents... " I couldn't help but laugh as I told him it was the "Valiants" not the "Violents"

Kids are cute!
Now they are napping - I think I'll do that too.
Ryan is working today, but he got dinner in the crock pot, so I guess I don't need to worry about it! Yea for Mother's Day! Have a happy one!


Sally said...

So fun to see what yours and the other primary children say... I really like Jordyn's and Cody's considering where they come from. Cute idea.

The Wageman Clan said...

I loved the "violents." Very cute! Sorry I haven't checked blogs for so long. It looks like things are going well. Your kids are getting so grown up!! Anyway, hope things are going great for you and your fam!

Cathy said...

So cute! I miss that chapter of life sometimes. Kids are the most precious and awesome things in life, and it's an added bonus that what comes out of their mouths sometimes cracks us up completely. :)

p.s. I loved the "Violents" too...

Meikjn said...

yea, I love the primary song. Esther sang only the parts she knew, but she was really loud on them it was so funny. Leah was mad she had to stay with us, and I had to feed her to keep her happy. kids are hillarious. I love the strippling warior story, that is so cute.

Sally said...

i was reading in Parenting and a little clip made me think of you. A while ago you talked about how Tate would use up all your good paper. Well this lady just got maybe four sheets of paper and laminated them. then had the kids color or draw with washable makers. when they were done she would just wipe it off. I don't know if that is something you are interested it but thought I would share. hope you are having a good day.