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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Quiet Moment

I've finally found a minute in which to sit!! That hasn't happened for a while!
The nursery leader called me yesterday and told me that she was very sick, and would I please help in nursery. I was reluctant, but can never tell anyone no. So Canton, Oran and I all went to nursery today.
The lady who usually helps is in the hospital, and the other "helpers" were a new couple in our ward. I knew all the kids and had been in the nursery a lot, so things went very smoothly for the first hour. Then Canton got grouchy and mean and started throwing things and hitting people. Including me. I tried again and again to redirect him, but he was just having a bad day.
By the time all of the parents came everyone was crying and ready to leave!!
So I am exhausted and ready for my Sunday nap. But I thought I'd better let you all know that I am still around (it's been more than a week!)
And I'll try to come up with something oh so cleaver to say later.

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The White House said...

So how was your trip? Besides the exciting beginning how did everything else go? I hope you had a nice time with your husband!