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Friday, September 12, 2008

Mr. Smarty Pants

Tate is learning so much at preschool! I am just shocked and amazed at how much he's learning and how quickly he's progressing! He's my little sponge. Part of what Ms. Kris does is focus on whatever the child is interested in. So he's learning about things he is curious about.
After the first day of preschool he told me all about the life cycle of a butterfly. "They start out like a tiny egg, and then they turn into a caterpillar, and eat all the leaves, and when they're big they build a special house called a cocoon or a chrysalis. They stay in there and sleep for a long time and when they come out they have wings!" I thought Ok, that's neat.
The next preschool day he learned about his skeleton. "Did you know everybody has bones!? Not just dead people and pirates... You have to have bones, they're what holds you up. See this, right here? (pointing to his chin) This isn't just my jaw bone, it's a Mandible! And here, you said it was a collar bone, but it's my Clavicle bone. And here (pointing to his knee joint) is a Patella, I have to have one of those or my knee wouldn't bend! And here, in my thigh is a Femur, it's the biggest bone! And did you know that, there aren't any bones in your nose or in your ears? They're made of cartilage! Oh, and fingers, (wiggling his fingers) have bones called Philangies!! That's funny!!"
I was in shock! I couldn't believe that I heard all of those things come out of my 4 year old's mouth! My son knows more that I do! And he remembers everything!
Yesterday it was all about planets. "Mom, there are 9 planets in our solar system... We live on Earth... All of the planets go around the sun which is a great big ball of fire in space! But it doesn't burn everything up because there's no oxygen in space... Mercury and Pluto are the smallest planets and Jupiter is the biggest... Saturn has rings made out of rocks! Venus is yellow because it has lots of acid in the air and Mars is red because it has lots of iron in it's dirt..." He went on and on and spent the rest of the day drawing planets, stars and rocket ships.
He likes to sit and read books in the morning, it takes him a long time to sound out the words, but he's really reading. I don't hardly know what to think! I guess I'd better start reading a lot of books or something just so I can keep up with him!

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Angela said...

What smart kids you have?? I can't wait until Tyler is in preschool. Hopefully it will be soon. We are still trying to potty train. Any suggestions?? It's quite a treat for us.