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Sunday, September 7, 2008


My kids started pre-school this past week. Canton is going to "Jen's Preschool" taught by our good friend Jenny Higgins. He is new at this whole school thing. I'm not completely sure he's ready, but he loves Jenny to pieces and really wants to be there; maybe we'll just see how it goes.
Tate is going to "Busy Bee Preschool" taught by Kris Olsen, she is my Aunt's friend. We are all really excited about Tate's preschool experience this year. "Ms. Kris" used to substitute for the Montessori school here in Pocatello, she was impressed by the program, (created my Mariah Montessori) so she learned all about it and that is what she teaches in her class room.
It's so fun to have Tate come home and be so excited about all of the new things he's learned that day, and all the fun things he'd done.
Tuesday was their first day. Jenny had a very open "open house" type format. We all came and played. Tate and Canton made Fruit Loop bracelets and thought those were great fun!When we were done at Canton's preschool we made a stop at the store and then it was Tate's turn! He was so excited to meet new friends! I think things are going to work out well for him this year.
I'm a little worried about my schedule, and am hoping I can hold out the full nine months! I tried two different approaches to working nap time around the preschool schedules, without much success at either. So this week we'll try to keep fine tuning that one... hmmm...
Kids are so much fun! It's neat to watch them grow and learn new things. I'm so glad that they are able to have these fun new experiences.


The White House said...

Hey you'll have to give me tips on how Ms. Kris does some of her teaching styles because I really think AJ would benefit from that style of teaching. I have been reading books on it and am trying to set up a room to teach him in and have him learn. They have a montessori school here but it is way expensive. Haven't found anyone yet for a preschool but I guess I have a year to go.
I bet Canton enjoys learning new things seperate from his brothers, I hope it works out for him. We love you guys and miss you.

Caranna said...

Thursday Jenny said Canton did really well the first hour, but the second hour was pretty rough. He was ready to go home!
I'm hoping he'll do better today. I told him "Good Bye" and as I started walking out the door he ran at me screaming! And I thought 'Oh no' But all he wanted was a kiss and then he was fine.
The Montessori school here is WAY expensive too... that's why Tate isn't going there. BUT all it is, is a kid centered approach to teaching.
Maria Montessori actually developed her theories and teaching style by observing children. Rather than saying "I think it will work like this."
In the 1800s they gave her charge of a group of handicapped children in an institution. Once she established her education method, and it proved beneficial for those children they thought was no hope for. She thought, I wonder how this system would work for "normal" children. It really is very neat, and I'm quite impressed. I did put a link in my blog to http://www.montessori.org

The Wageman Clan said...

I can't believe how fast your boys are growing! Tate is also such a great artist!! Good luck with the school year.