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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unraveling (In more than one way)

It's been all down hill for me since the Heath and Fitness Challenge I was participating in ended.  I knew that it would be harder to maintain my healthier lifestyle during the summer but I didn't think it just fall apart as completely as it has. 
The kids are all out of school now so I have all five of the little ones home all day everyday. Which means they demand more of my time and attention (leaving next to none for little old me.) 
My diet it horrible. I fix food for the littles and either forget to make myself something, or I'm too tired, or whatever they are eating just doesn't look appealing. Then I'm hungry from skipping meals and so I snack and snack on things that aren't very healthy. 
Baseball season has started so I have to run the three older boys to games and practices. 
We had a family reunion. Which was so much fun, but got me out of the habit of exercising and eating well. (When everyone else is eating Doritos, Oreos, Twizzlers and Reese's you HAVE to join in, right!?)
I've been so busy and frazzled yet I haven't established any kind of daily routine or schedule.  I haven't exercised in 3 weeks! I feel exhausted, sluggish and I like I have to start all over again (from the beginning.) *Groan* I'm UP 10 pounds since the end of the challenge. 
My motivation is gone and I'm having a hard time wanting to put in the effort that it will require to get back on track.


egebs said...

You can do it. Baby step. Only try to change or implement one thing at a time.

Raree (RAH-ree) said...

Make a plan. Don't stress over the fact that you slipped - everyone does. But jump back in it! You can do this!