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Friday, June 10, 2011

Three for Thursday: Round 3

I know I'm a little late this week and it's more like a 'Five for Friday' kind of thing, but yesterday was kind of crazy! My husband had the day off so we spent the day packing boxes, running things to D.I. and grocery shopping.

So here it is, a little late, but just as fun! The Three for Thursday prompt this week comes from my good buddy Katy at thehouseofestrogen; Thanks Katy!!

Three favorite items of clothing:
This one is hard 'cause I pretty much hate all of my clothing at the moment. (I'm feeling in need of a shopping spree!) But here goes:
1. Down East Basics Tank Tops - high enough and long enough to fill any gaps.
2. My "size 8" jeans that are really more of a size 10, but that 8 on the tag helps me feel a little skinnier.
3. my long navy blue skirt - nursing friendly and I can wear it with just about any top.

Three things in my house that I wish were self-cleaning:
1. THE BATHROOM! With three little boys in the early years of toilet use and a fourth that will be there soon, a self-cleaning bathroom would be fabulous!
2. The toy room, that place is always a disaster - I wish we had one of those "Cat in the Hat" machines that pick up all of the things that are down and puts them away.
3. The kitchen floor - no matter how many times I sweep there always seems to be food on the floor!

Three favorite summertime lunches:
1. Pasta Salad! It's cool and fresh
2. BLTs - I love bacon and nothing beats fresh tomatoes out of the garden
3. Hotdogs roasted on the grill with Doritos on the side.

Three things my children say that they picked up from me:
1. "I'm Okay!" I used to ask "Are you okay?" every time it sounded like something "bad" happened, now they respond before I can even ask ;)
2. "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!" Alright, I did steal this from Mr. Rodgers, but it is said whenever the sun is shining through the windows in the morning.
3. "I'm gonna eat your squishies Mr. Chubby-Chunks!" when talking to the baby, of course.

Three good movie recommendations
1. "The City of Ember"
2. "Big Fish"
3. "Stardust"
(Only 3? Geeze, I could go on forever!! I love movies!)

Three inexpensive date night ideas
1. Redbox, air-popped popcorn and snuggling on the couch (It gets old, but hey, it's something.)
2. A stroll around the block under the stars, you can walk REALLY slow!
3. Who am I kidding? I never go on dates - You try getting a babysitter for four little boys!

Three favorite flowers:
1. Iris (they are so cool! Have you ever really looked at one?)
2. Daisy (they really are "The friendliest flower" - Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail")
3. Cala Lily

Three places I'd like to visit:

1. Florida: Disney World and Orlando Studios (I want to visit the Hogwarts Castle!)
2. Europe (I know this is pretty open ended, but I want to see it all!)
3. Brazil (My Daddy went on his mission their and in high school we had a foreign exchange student that I'd really like to visit. I miss you Zeila!)

Three good habits that I practice
1. I brush my teeth every morning and every night!
2. I wear deodorant everyday
3. We end every day with a family prayer

Three pictures:

I had lots of fun visiting with my Mother-in-law this evening. She came to town to visit her mother for her birthday and the boys and I went over to say hi. Here is a picture of my Mother and Father-in-law and their five sons.

OH NO! I'm being eaten by a dinosaur!! I guess I should have just let him have my golf ball if he wanted it so badly... (Playing miniature golf at Outer Limits Fun Zone.)

Zeila, my Brazilian sister, and Oran February of 2008, she came back to visit us, so it's only fair that I now go to Brazil and visit her, right??


Katy said...

Yay! You did it again! So since today is my anniversary, my mother-in-law suggested Eric and I get a sitter and go out. The last time we went out, our babysitter flooded our house all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom. I completely understand the trying to get a sitter for four boys, because it's darn near impossible to survive a sitter watching four girls. When you get to your new place, I would love to switch weekends of kid-watching with you. Wouldn't that be great?

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I love all three of your movie picks. I never heard anything about Ember, but it was great. I thought about it alot when I was reading The Hunger Games.

Bill Sharma said...

Thank god that dinosaurs didnt do anything to you i was about to take my thor sword come to protect you!!! LOL
Nice blog. Loved it