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Friday, November 20, 2009

*Shaking My Fist*

I figure that this is my special place to rant and rave about whatever happens to be bothering me so here I go - Consider yourselves warned!

My husband and I have been casually trying to conceive, figuring that it's 'about that time.' So I've been paying attention and keeping charts and knew that I was pregnant, but something wasn't right. I was experiencing all of the pregnancy signs but I was having pretty intense cramping and occasional light spotting.

I was concerned so I called the midwives office and spoke with the receptionist. She wouldn't even let me tell her what was going on until I had a positive pregnancy test - charts weren't enough proof for her.

I had Ryan pick one up on his way home from class took the test then called her back. "I took the test, it was positive, now will you talk to me!!?" I asked. She took a message and was going to have the nurse call me back - which she did an hour and a half later.

I felt like she didn't even listen to me! I could almost hear her rolling her eyes as she continued to cut me off with statements like, "That's perfectly normal," "Many women experience that," "Everything's fine," "There's no need to worry" and before I could get through my list of ailments she ended the conversation with, "We usually don't see anyone until 8 weeks do you want to make an appointment for the beginning of December?"

The next morning, yesterday, I woke up, my cramps were a lot worse and I was bleeding. I called again and spoke to the same nurse who very simply stated, "It sounds like you're experiencing a miscarriage, I'll have the midwife call you."

I stayed close to the phone and nearly FOUR hours later received a call. They asked me to come in for an ultrasound, which I did. The ultrasound confirmed a miscarriage and that was that.

I know that there is nothing that could have been done to prevent it, BUT I still don't think a woman who has begun miscarrying should be told that everything is "Fine" and that her concerns are unwarranted!

I canceled my appointment in December ;)

Ok - done with my rant.


Cardon Times said...

Oh Caranna...I am so sorry. I would be very upset. I would switch clinics.

The White House said...

They should have been concerned if you had cramping. It could have been an etopic pregnancy with cramping and spotting. Next time you should call somewhere else and get in to do an ultrasound. That lady was rude.
Sorry about the whole thing.

Evelyn said...

Rant away!! I think you should rant right up to that office too! That is dispicable! I'm so sorry you had to experience that on top of what can be a trying situation already.

Katy said...

This makes me so sad for you....and irritated, and angry, and ugh! I hear you - I totally hear you! I am so sorry for your loss and so sorry that you were not *heard* in your time of need. Hugs to you. Love you to pieces!

Hillori said...

Oh, Caranna, I'm so sorry! That is hard. I think you should print off a copy of your blog, and send it to the dr/midwife. or email it-that just stinks, they should know better than that! How are you doing?

Raree (RAH-ree) said...

Lame, lame, lame! I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience . . . and a miscarriage to boot. I hope you're doing okay! XO!

Shelley Brown said...

Caranna I am so sorry to hear your sad news! How frustrating!

Callie, Shawn and Braxton said...

I'd be angry!! You have more than enough right to vent. I'm so sorry that not only did you have a miscarriage but the midwives were retarded and didn't even listen to you. I'd definitely be switching doctors in the future. Good luck. Our prayers are with you.

Meikjn said...

I have had doctors ignore me too. I am soo sorry. I had some experiences like that that turned me off from midives forever. some people think pregnant women are irrational and ignore us compleatly. I hope things get better quickly. take it easy, and drop me a line if you need to, I am always around.

Amber said...

Caranna - i'm so sorry!!! my thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm also sorry that you were treated so terrible - no woman should be treated that way. loves to you!

The Wageman Clan said...

I'm sorry about the miscarriage. I would have been frustrated with their response (or lack thereof) as well. It's a horrible situation all around. I hope things get better and you have some better luck in the pregnancy department.