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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And I'm back!!

We are slowly regaining use of our desk top computer after being hit with the death computer virus of doom!! By FAR the worst virus I have ever encountered. We'd turn on the computer and it would immediately display an error message saying "Windows will be shutting down in one minute" it would then do a 60 second countdown before turning off.

With my husband's wicked awesome computer skills we eventually had access to all the computer functions EXCEPT the web browsers and internet. However, soon all of our progress was lost. It seemed that this particular computer virus looked for any weakness and broke things down from there - so this smart little bug kept finding new ways to disable our computer.

So after 2 weeks of trying to find a way around it Ryan scrubbed the computer - took everything off and we're starting over from scratch. So I lost all of my bookmarks (kind of sad) and am not yet able to find our pictures (they've got to be here somewhere!!) But I can FINALLY use the computer again.

We have decided that it is for the best that we put passwords on everything and not allow our children to play on the computer unless they have our close supervision.


Meikjn said...

we just gave up and bought a new one. we cleaned off the virus, but it took things with it.... it was probably manageable, but our computer was old anyway. we have yet to recover everything. I hope you find your pics.
it is hard to lose things :(

The White House said...

just a suggestion for next time, I Highly recommend an external hardrive. We had to format our c drive 6 months ago and I so glad we had backedup our pictures on there. They aren't to expensive and they are totally worth the money when things like this happen. Good Luck finding the pics. I hope you guys get them all back.

Caranna said...

I just re-downloaded Google's Picasa (A FABULOUS PROGRAM!) It searches the bowels of your computer for all image files and finds them all (even one you didn't know you had, like pictures from Ryan's choir trip to Seattle in 1999)
It took about an hour for it to recover them all, but they are all back! Videos too.
But this experience did make me think I should back everything up!
I think there is no recovering the documents: So much for my sad attempts at becoming a novelist :p