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Monday, July 13, 2009

And some pictures!

Blog Posts are so much more exciting with pictures!
Here are the pictures to go with the previous post. Silly, I know - but pretend I did it all at once and you'll never know the difference ;)

All of the boxes, once full of "Stuff."

Oh, that's SO much better!! Rubbermaids are great!

The Fourth of July Parade in Lewiston, UT.
(We were all squinting into the sun)

Oran got sad when we wouldn't let him eat ALL of the candy "NOW!!"

Canton, all ready to float down the river.

Our new washing machine! "Ooo, Ahh"


Katy said...

Awesome job on the organization! And what a great washer! I hope you love it!

The Wageman Clan said...

Sounds like things have been pretty crazy for you. I hope it starts slowing down. The poop story was so nasty! Oh, the joys of parenthood. :)

Meikjn said...

our dishwasher just broke. I feel your pain.

Sally said...

I wish I had Clara's clothes in rubber maids like that.