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Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't worry, we're still alive

I know, I know, I REALLY need to update my blog! But don't get too excited - I don't have time right now :p

We've been SO busy the last little while. With Idaho's "Monsoon Season" causing severe flooding, and mud slides in parts of eastern Idaho - we were not spared from all damages.
Our basement flooded, we spent a day hauling out all the soggy card board boxes and drying out out belongings. We spent the next THREE days seperating them into piles of "DI" "Garbage" "Store" and "Keep out."

Our basement now has neatly stacked, labled, rubbermaid containers - but we still have all these misplaced belongings that have yet to find a home.

Our washing machine broke - it's been having problems since the end of April - and it finally quit completely on us. We took it to a repair place which told us the cost of repairs would be approximately $375 - which is about what we paid for it new.

We decided we couldn't survive long without a washing machince - since we were already at the end of our clean clothes - so we went to Lowe's and bought a new one - it is my new best friend.

That morning Oran, who we are trying to potty train, decided to take off his poopy diaper by himself. Instead of coming to wake us up he took it off, and left it in the middle of the living room floor where it appears to have been walked on and spread all over the carpet, the couch, up the walls and all over out two youngest children.

So, as long as we were at Lowe's we bought a carpet cleaner/extractor - We cleaned up the poo mess once we got home - but since then have had to clean up more poo and some vomit, so we're pretty happy about that purchase too.

We went to Preston on the Fourth. We went to the parade in Lewiston, UT. Floated down the river in the Onieda narrows, and had a cook-out at my parent's house. We made it back to Pocatello in time to see the fireworks, but our kids were exhausted, and no matter how we tried we could not wake them.

We parked at the top of a hill in Chubbuck, turned the radio to KORR 104 and saw a FANTASTIC display syncornized with patriotic music. I loved it!!

We are planning a trip to Wyoming later this week - and I have so much to do before we leave Friday morning!! AHH!!!

And I am out of time, so I'll just have to save the pictures for later... Sorry.

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Hillori said...

I've been wondering how you are doing...sounds fun and crazy! Oran sounds like Lucie lately...we can't leave her alone for a minute or else it's everywhere...super yucko! Some of the perks of parenthood I guess! Miss you guys, and take care!