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Monday, September 14, 2009

About a Birthday

I'm a little slow, I'm behind and trying to play catch-up.

But I wanted to tell you all about Canton's birthday!

I'd been feeling sick for about a month and never really got around to planning a party for Canton. I felt bad about it, but I think we had a great time anyway - Here's what we did:

Ryan had to be to work at 8:00am so he got up early and made special Birthday Waffles. We ate waffles with homemade raspberry syrup (that Ryan also made that morning,) redi-whip and a cherry on top.

The kids watched some PBS kids and played for a while and then we packed a lunch and walked to the park. We ate our lunch and played on the toys before walking home and taking a nap.

After nap time we put on our swim-suits and played in the sprinkler. Canton loves playing in the water and I don't let him do it much so it was great fun! We filled an empty Rubbermaid tote with water and they played in that like a little swimming pool, ran through the sprinkler and eventually Canton picked up the sprinkler and started chasing each of us with it!

After a couple of hours of that I asked Canton what he wanted to do - we wanted to go inside and "take a bath" he was all wet and cold and covered in mud and muck. So I took the boys inside to take a bath. While we were doing that Ryan went and got Canton's requested Birthday dinner - hamburgers from McDonald's. We spread out a blanket on the living room floor and watched a movie. Ryan rented "Dragonball Evolution" we all really liked it, yes, me included. Although it was based on an anime cartoon series it was a live action movie and pretty fun. (Especially for the super hero fans in our house.)

Then Canton got to open a present - he got the "really cool watch" he'd asked for.

The next day we went to the Premier Properties Customer Appreciation Party at Upper Ross Park. They had food, an AWESOME live band, face painting, blowup toys and the Century High School cheerleaders did dances or cheers every half hour or so.
The Band sang "Happy Birthday" to Canton. He was in awe over that and said, "Everyone here knows me, they all sang to me!"
Before we left Gail [Bishard] came and gave Canton a hug. As she did she whispered "This is all for you! What an awesome birthday party!" He was so happy!

We went home and while the boys napped I made a birthday cake. Canton asked for a Superman cake so I did my best. Grandpa Green (Don) came to wish Canton a happy birthday and bring him a birthday card. And then we took the cake and some ice cream to the Bakes' house.

They weren't quite home yet when we got there so we played in the yard for a while. Then we lit the candles, sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. The Bakes' gave Canton a really cool dragon and a little "knight in shining armor," and Tate made a book for Canton with drawings of super heroes.

I thought it was a good birthday even if not very well planned! And most importantly I think that Canton had fun and felt special.

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