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Friday, November 21, 2008

Tate has been Tagged!

Tate was tagged by Matilee.

I have the opportunity to say five neat things about Tate.
Then, we get to tag more people.

1. Tate is a wonderful artist. He loves to draw all day everyday and makes some very neat pictures. He loves to take requests from his little brother Canton, he'll draw what Canton asks him to and then Canton colors it.

2. Tate loves to learn new things. He's like a little sponge, he sucks up all the knowledge he can. When he finds a subject he is interested in he does all he can to find out more about it. He'll read books and even use our google toolbar to find out more about the things that he's interested it.

3. Tate likes to go to primary. He's always excited for Sunday. He loves to put on his "missonary clothes" and get ready for church. Throughout the week he is always excited when it's his turn to offer the prayer and he reminds us to read our scriptures every night.

4. Tate always does what he is told. He realizes the importance of being obedient, and even when he does it grudgingly, whatever it is always gets done.

5. Tate likes to sing. He's always making up songs about pre-school or books, or movies. He has excellent pitch and often creates new lyrics to a tune he's already familiar with. It's pretty funny to listen to his made up words.

This is a fun activity filled with goodness and happy thoughts! The children that are "kiddie tagged" next are:

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Shuman X Seven said...

How fun to learn about your little one!! He is so cute!!

Ranee` said...

Hi! This is Ranee` Clark, Adam's wife. You found me on Facebook the other day and then I saw your comment on Brook's blog and thought we might as well be blogging friends to! What cute boys you have! Aren't the fun!

Sally said...

Sounds like an ideal older bother if you ask me. Canton and Oran are lucky to have a good example!