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Friday, March 16, 2012

Three for Thursday: Again

Hey look, I still have a blog!

I don't have much to say, but thought I'd play along with Evelyn and do a 3 for Thursday this week (I'm only a day late ;)

Three Facebook status updates from this week:
1. N/A
2.‎ N/A
3. N/A
(Hmm... looks like the last time I updated my status on Facebook was on February 10, over a month ago! At which time I wrote:
"I'm feeling icky today. I was laying down and Skyler (my 16 month old) came and patted me on the head. I said, "I feel sick." Skyler then left the room and came back a moment later. He rubbed some diaper rash ointment on my arm and declared, "Med-cine! All Be-'r!" Kinda Sweet."

Three favorite holiday candies:
1. Candy corn at Halloween.
2. Fudge at Christmas time
3. Hot lips (think Cinnamon Bears) at Valentine's Day

Three BIG plans for the future:

1. Have a clean house for more than 2 hours at one time.
2. Teach my 4 year old to tie his own shoes.
3. Go on a multiple day vacation with my children AND husband.

Three things I say to my children that I ought to mind myself:
1. "You're getting grumpy, time to go to bed."
2. "You've had enough sweets. No more."
3. "Talk about your problems in a nice voice."

Three things I want to buy with the Amazon gift certificates I got for Christmas (Which one? Which one?):
1. Brother Sewing Machine
2. Dining room set w/ 6 chairs
3. Twin over Twin bunk beds
(Yep, Amazon has EVERYTHING!)

Three pictures:
It looks like my computer, or blogger - is having a hard time uploading photos (attempt #3 failed.) So no pictures today :(

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