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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three For Thursday: Round 1

I haven't done much in the bloggo-sphere for quite a while. Who has the time!? But my friend Evelyn is an amazing bogger. So, a special thanks to Evelyn at Hanging by a Silver Lining for the Three for Thursday prompt. (I'd love to win one of her giveaways.)

Three favorite words:
1. Exquisite - it's such a fancy word, and I like the way it feels in my mouth, go ahead, try it!
2. Methinks - the best part of the Hymn "If You Could Hie to Kolob."
3. Design - the way it is spelled, with it's silent "g" looks and feels artistic, it makes me want to create or design something myself.

Three things that won't be allowed in heaven:
1. Hobo Spiders - after all the spider bites I got at our old house they'd better not be there!
2. Hangnails - Ooo, I hate hangnails!
3. Red Underwear - They're "Satan's Panties" (from Miss Congeniality)

Three crafty things I do:
1. Crochet- I can make just about anything, all I need is a pattern and enough yarn.
2. Sew- sadly the only sewing I've done for quite a while is patching the endless supply of worn out Levi's at our house, courtesy of my little boys.
3. Paint and Draw - I love painting, be it on paper, walls, wood, or even rocks, but I don't get many opportunities.

Three things I swore I would NEVER do when I became a parent, but now find myself doing:
1. Let my kids watch more than a couple of house of TV a week.
2. Breastfeed beyond one year of age - some things just aren't worth the battle, they'll stop when they're ready.
3. Be the parent that never sets foot in their child's class room - I wanted to be the awesome Mom that was always there helping, that knew every kid's name - but with two younger ones at home and a husband who works full time, it's nearly impossible to find time to go in and help.

Three favorite quotes:
1. "It's never too late for Happily Ever After."- The Fairy Godmother, in "Shrek 2"
2. "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde
3. "You fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Mr. T

Three names I would never dream of giving my children:
1. Floyd
2. Ronald
3. Shakira

Three things I plan to do for Memorial Day weekend:
1. Visit the cemetery, tour Brady's Chapel and visit Grandpa Stavast's grave.
2. Take a bunch of stuff to DI.
3. Start the packing process!

Three blogs I love to visit:
1. Make It and Love It I cannot get enough of her amazing craftiness!! Someday I want to be this cool ;)
2. Anne Pearson Photography I could look at her work for hours! She's absolutely AMAZING! It is my dream to have her do a photo shoot with our family. (I'm saving all my pennies ;)
3. Freebies 2 Deals I love getting a good deal and free is even better!!

Three things that make my husband/partner the luckiest man alive:
1. I don't boss him around or nag like some wives do their husbands. My choice of husbandly persuasion is stormy silence. Thus far it has done little to provoke him into action. Maybe it's time to try nagging.
2. He has 4 little boys who absolutely adore him and think he's the greatest guy around.
3. His wife is a good cook and does it everyday.

Three Pictures:

This is the house we're planning to move to later this month. It's pretty exciting!

This is a card I made for my friend Christina when she had her first baby. It looks so much like her and makes me smile.

Here's an old one! This was taken on my Mom's birthday in July of 1986. I'm sitting on my Mom's lap.

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Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I am the same way about volunteering in the kids classrooms. It makes me sad that I can't find an opportunity to go in with little ones at home. If we lived closer I would watch yours so you could go and we could swap. :)

Great quote from Shrek!

Cute house!! Moving again?! You poor woman!

Thanks for joining in Caranna!