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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Challenges of Motherhood

AHHHH!! I can't handle having Canton home two days in a row!! He has a cold so he stayed home from school yesterday, and doesn't go to school on Wednesdays - maybe I should just let him suffer, because the cold medicine makes him CRAZY!
I laid down with the baby for 20 minutes and in that 20 minutes he and Oran got into the game closet and knocked down ALL of the games. There are cards, dice, and game pieces EVERYWHERE. They pulled all of the books off the book shelf. There are books all over the family room.
Canton sprayed hairspray all over the bathroom mirror.
Someone took colored pencils and drew on the walls in the stair well - ALL the way down the stairs on BOTH sides! AND on the walls in the basement. Toys are all over the toy room. The boy's bedroom is a mess. The kitchen sink is over flowing with dirty dishes. I'm buried in laundry.

EVERY single room in my house is a disaster right now >:(
[This is my Angry face.]


Raree (RAH-ree) said...

Sounds like you've got a parenting 505 project. :) Love you! Just tackle that disaster one room at a time - one a day is plenty it sounds like. Isn't it great? *hugs*

Meikjn said...

that sounds like my Esther. I keep half of the house locked, and she still manages to be trouble.