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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

Today is the last day of our Spring Break vacation and our second snowy day this week. For Spring Break activities my kids have built a snowman and gone sledding. (Both in our backyard) We've had sick kids, so we've stayed home all week.

Skyler has had a tough time with this cold. Wednesday night was really rough. He coughed all night (from midnight - 5am) he couldn't sleep so neither did I. I couldn't alleviate his coughs and they just wouldn't let up. He threw up again and again, because of the coughing, and had a dry diaper in the morning, very unusual for him. (So I was afraid he was getting dehydrated)

I took him to the Doctor yesterday who said Skyler had an RSV virus and a little bit of bacterial pneumonia. However the doctor said it seemed to be clearing up. I told him that Skyler's been fighting it for a little over 2 weeks and he said it's typical for RSV to hold on for a month or more.

Dr. Clifford said that they can't really do much for anyone under the age of 2. He suggested we use a humidifier, suction him out good with the bulb syringe, and prop him up to sleep; all things we've already been doing. So basically, just 'hang in there.' It's so sad, he doesn't have a voice right now and makes sad little squeaky noises. :(

However, I told Dr. Clifford that Canton and Oran had the bad coughs too and he did give me something for them; Flonase nasal spray. We gave them each a squirt in each nostril before bed and I heard very little coughing from their room last night. So my visit to the doctor wasn't a total loss.

Ryan had yesterday off work. We'd planned to go somewhere and do something fun, but it didn't work out that way. However, he and the boys stayed in the PJs 'til 1:00 watching movies and playing board games. They played 3 different games, and the boys thought it was great!

Around 5:00 the rain finally stopped and Ryan took the boys out front and watched them ride their bikes while I made dinner. (Ryan's co-worker was getting rid of 2 boys bikes and Ryan brought them home. He got one fixed up for Canton's birthday, in August, and just recently finished fixing up the other one for Tate. I picked up a really little bike, for Oran, at DI - the boys aren't happy that it's pink, but it was only $3 and Oran has fun riding it, we thought we might paint it another color.)

It was kind of fun to have the windows open for a minute, listening to three bikes with training wheels rattling across the pavement, accompanied by the sound of happy kids.

That's about as exciting as our Spring Break gets for this year.

I hope you've all enjoyed the first few days of Spring.


egebs said...

Wow. It's no fun being sick on Spring break. Glad to hear your boys are on the mend. It's crazy that there is snow for spring break. We had a few days in Michigan that were warm (60's) and now we are back to winter. I'm looking forward to spring.

Kyle said...

Great blog! Flows very well!

Following :)

I like how you have check boxes next to the comments. I need to learn how to do that.

Instant Coupons said...

Summer is almost over here. :(

Printable Coupons said...

Springbreak is over but we party like its springbreak everyday! :)