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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Another Day

I haven't much to say and have no pictures to make what I do say more entertaining, so I'll apologize in advance.

We are living in our new place, it is a better environment for all of us. But we have not yet sold our home. We haven't even moved all of our belonging over and there are still many projects to be done there.

It is fun to have a back yard for the boys to play in. We are slowly getting used to our new ward and it's different dynamics. Even the bishop stated while talking with us, "We are starved for young people." It is very true.

We miss our friends, but hope to makes some new ones soon close to where we are.

My pregnancy is going well. I am now 23 weeks into this adventure. We found out at our ultrasound that we are expecting our fourth BOY! So no pink or Disney Princesses for us, but he's healthy and growing well.

Ryan is working in Idaho Falls managing the Fred Meyer Jewelers store while their current manager is on maternity leave. Ryan really likes managing, it's been a fun and empowering experience for him. He likes being in charge and having some control over his schedule and environment.

Ryan has been working in jewelry for 10 years and has much knowledge and experience to share. It is hard for us to have him gone so much. As a manager he has to work 6 days a week, 10 hour shifts (with an hour lunch) add the 2 hours of drive time and he's gone for 12 hours every day. I just keep telling myself that it's temporary and I can do anything for a few months.

That's all that is going on with us.


Meikjn said...

Andy is a slave to the man too. he works the same kind of hours, and rides his bike home, so the commute takes a while for him too.I know how you feel. I think i may go insane. I am getting used to it.

Sally said...

Happy that you are expecting a boy! You are so good with boys!