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Monday, December 8, 2008

"...The Goose is Getting FAT!!"

We woke up this morning to falling snow and it FINALLY feels like December! All the holiday preparations have seemed a little odd without the usual snow flakes and slush, but now we're there so it's REALLY time to get down to business!
We have less money to spend on Christmas this year than we've EVER had in all our five years of marriage, so we're getting a little creative. I have decided to make EVERYONE'S gifts out of yarn! I have quite the collecting and I am quite proficient at both knitting and crochet. So we'll just have to see how creative I can be! PLUS I need to get crackin' only 17 days left to go, and these things take time! The clock is ticking!


The Wageman Clan said...

I think that's great! Homemade gifts are usually the best anyway. I also loved the dancing! Kids are so funny at these ages.

Sally said...

Great photo Caranna. Do you think I could get your address. Will you email me at Sallyseamananderson @ gmail . com?