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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nap Time Again

The best time of the day, when all the house is quiet, and I can decide what I want to do. Since it's Sunday I decided not to do the typical laundry, dishes, or sewing. So here I am.
Today was Tate's VERY first primary program! He was excited! But when the time came he looked very tired. I think he fell asleep a time or two on the stand. He sat next to his teacher and leaned against her arm.
We practiced all of his little parts (he had three) and sang all of the songs at home. He knew it all, but watching him today you'd never know. Silly kids. I'm not sure if he asked for help on his lines, just because everyone else did, or just 'cause he had a bit of stage fright. But for the songs, he'd stand up with all the other children and then just stare at the congregation while everyone else was singing. Kinda weird.
Today was also Oran's first official week of nursery. He was born April 23, so he was 18 months old on Thursday. He did very well, I knew he would. Since Canton is down there Oran and I have helped in the nursery a lot. He likes it in there! He's all about playing with toys, eating snacks and having singing time.
We've all been very sick with a nasty cold. Every time we think it's over it comes back. I haven't decided if it's the same one or if we keep catching different ones. Either way it hasn't been much fun. I think I've been the one hardest hit. YUCK!
I've been so busy trying to make all of our Halloween costumes. It hasn't gone as quickly as I had hoped. It's hard to feel motivated to sew when you're feeling so lousy. PLUS I have 3 broken sewing machines!!! They each have a different issue. So I try to pick the lesser of the "evils" depending on my fabric and project. Some day I'm going to buy a nice sewing machine and quit messing with my broken second hand ones. I guess there's a reason their former owners discarded them.
So I've got two costumes down, three to go, and less than a week left! Isn't it silly to put so much effort into something we're only going to wear for ONE DAY!?


Sally said...

I am so excited to hear about what you do for the costumes! You always have the cutest ideas!

Shuman X Seven said...

Oh I remember the days.... just wait, they won't be little forever. Stage fright can be terifying..... and the costumes, surely they will play with them the rest of the year while they pretend. You are doing a wonderful job. Way to Caranna!

The White House said...

I am sorry you guys have been sick for a while. It definetly is no fun. And to think if we still lived there we would probably be doing the same thing with colds. But for right now it seems to warm to even think about colds, maybe you guys should make a trip someday and enjoy the warmth here!! AJ would love to see your kids, he always points to Canton when I am on your page. I think he might like his cousins and misses them a bit.
Well, get feeling better.