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Monday, January 10, 2011

Becoming an Author

I've wanted to be a published author for as long as I can remember.

From the time I was very small I drew pictures and made up stories. Hoping to someday share them with others. I wrote for my high school newspaper and actually got an article published in the Herald Journal in Logan, UT - giving me my first taste of publication.

But as time has worn on other things have filled my time - my dream of writing continually gets pushed back and put aside, but recently I've felt the need to create!

I have a few friends who have been bitten by the writing bug as well. Laci, a girl I went to high school with, is now working with an editor that works for a, REAL publisher to complete her novel. My friend Kim recently had some short stories published. And I just read on my cousin's wife, Ranee's, blog that she has recently completed the fourth book for her series and is in the 'final editing stage' for her first one.

I can't help but feel I'm being left behind!

I came up with a story idea and sat down to write. I've only written 3 chapters in the past week, but I happen to think it's pretty good. I read it to my kids, as a bedtime story. They are excited and enthralled and can't wait to see what happens next. So I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Then the man who lives at my house, who shall remain nameless, read it, without asking me first. He pointed out all of it's flaws, and didn't have any complements for me. So now I am feeling discouraged. I don't know if I should continue with this story or just abandon it and start over.

This man said that 'my writing style is too formal,' and that I need some practice so I can 'find my groove.' But I was practicing!! Maybe that's why you should never let people see you Works in Progress!


Cardon Times said...

Keep on writing. And good for you. Read some authors blogs and you will be able to relate. Shannon Hale's blog is great and gives some pointers. But you can't be published if you don't write. And tell the nameless man if he is going to read a work in progress without permission then he better be prepared to give many compliments before he gives 1 flaw. Good luck and happy writing. Often the first story an author writes is a completely different story than the one published.

Raree (RAH-ree) said...

So fun! Don't let that fellow discourage you. ;) The kids have the real feedback - an editor would be able to help you with any stylization problems, but only an audience can tell you if the story is captivating or not! Keep going!

Meikjn said...

boys are like that they think they are being constructive I guess. I know what you mean I have had similar falling off the desire because of discouragement before rather recently. you should keep trying it is totally worth it.